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K9 Rhino Experience

South Africa Tactical Canine & Black Rock Rhino Conservation

South Africa Tactical Canine & Black Rock Rhino Conservation have joined hands to increase public awareness through participation.


The K9 Rhino Experience gives you the opportunity to interact and learn more about the rhino and the people who care for them. You will also gain hands-on experience in the conservation process.

3 Day Package

5 People Minimum - R15 000 per person

We will spend 3 days camping in the bush with the Specialized K9 Anti-Poaching Unit. Experience the daily life of these dedicated people and their K9 partners. Participate in their daily tasks, join them on patrol and gain valuable knowledge.


One entire day will consist of darting and capturing rhino to facilitate the trimming of horns. This is a measure to deter poachers from killing these beauties. Your participation will be hands on and up to 3 rhinos may be darted and horns trimmed during the day. 


The remainder of your time will be spent in getting to know more about the animals, the rangers and the dogs that assist in their protection. There will also be lots of photo opportunities!

Contact us for more information or to secure your booking for this unforgettable experience.