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Pups in Training

Pups is Training – All our pups and trained dogs are carefully selected to ensure that they suite all our clients’ requirements. Investing in our pups or older dogs is a long term commitment and a wonderful journey that we travel with all our clients to ensure the success and happiness of both our dogs and our clients.

Dogs (9 - 24 Months) Trained to Various Levels Available

Level 1

Guardian – Personal & Home Protection

House & Vehicle Training

Alerting you to outside strangers. Barking and showing aggression. Socializing with both human & surroundings as well as other dogs.



Sit – Lie Down – Heel – Wait – Leash


Game Proofing

No chasing game and live stock.


Bite on Command

Bite either the leg or arm.

Level 2

Guardian – Personal & Home Protection

House & Vehicle Training

Same as the introduction in Level 1 but a more advanced.


Alerting and barking at possible criminal outside the house. Socializing both human & surroundings.



Same as Level 1 with House Search added – Clearing your home or office area using your Trained Dog.


When your dog finds someone, he/she will bark and/or apprehend.

Level 3

Advanced Personal Protection

This level of training is much more involved and advanced.


It includes everything from Levels 1 & 2 with the introduction to weapons and scenarios such as knife & firearm attacks.


The dogs are placed under more pressure and in more real case scenarios.


These dogs are trained for High Risk Environments. They receive High Level Obedience as well as Off-Leash Training.

Training in General Includes:

Vehicle Training

Learning to jump in and out of the vehicle both on command and in an emergency to apprehend any potential dangers. Anti- Highjack – In the event someone tries to pull you out of the vehicle or forcefully takes you and your vehicle, your dog will apprehend.



Sit – Lie Down – Heel – Wait – Leash (walking on and off-leash & off-leash) commands.


Game Proofing

No chasing game and live stock.


Bite on Command

Bite either the leg or arm. Release on Command. Introduction to House Search and Bite Apprehension.

We own both of these German Shepherds – parents to the puppies born on the 8th July 2022 & both from Quality Registered Bloodlines.


All the pups were trained as Family Guardian & Personal Protection Dogs.


They are the perfect dogs for young families & older retired family homes. 


4 Year old German Shepherd

female & mother of pups. 

Trained for

Firearm Detection


5 Year old German Shepherd male

& father of pups.

Trained for Mantrailing, Personal Protection & Firearm Detection

Our pups are completely trained for Low to Medium Risk & Detection environments. Mental and physical development of our pups is our priority so during the early stages we closely watch their development. This in turn helps us establish what their strong areas are and they will be trained as Family Guardians or Personal Protection dogs or for Detection or Mantrailing.