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Personal, Family & Home Protection Dogs

Trained and Certified Protection Dogs of Exceptional Quality

South Africa Tactical Canine offers Personal, Family and Home Protection Dogs that are trained to protect their owner and family.


Our dogs are trained in both obedience and protection and can accompany you where ever you go, to protect you. The dogs are also house and vehicle trained.


We train our dogs for a variety of scenarios. They are trained to protect you in your car or house, or whilst walking in the street or on your farm.


Our dogs are sourced and bred from some of the best working bloodlines available. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience ensures that we are able to offer well rounded dogs with lovely temperaments and drive.

All of our Protection Dogs are raised in our home from puppies and the pups are carefully selected from top quality genetics. The dogs are paired with families or individuals according to their personalities.


We take tremendous care to raise and socialize our puppies. We ensure they can work under pressure in various situations and be able to fight independently.  Therefore, we develop the defense drive from a young age and ensure all our dogs are trained to work on and off-leash with solid obedience. Many hours are also spent familiarizing our dogs with kids. They learn that kids are fun to be with and also have to be respected.


On collection day (hand-over day) we spend time training you, as the new owner, on how to work with your new dog. We are committed to you and your new dog’s success. We will spend as much time as needed. It’s very important that you leave with your dog confident and empowered.