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Mantrailing & Tracking Dogs

Trained mantrailing and tracking dogs

South Africa Tactical Canine offers Certified Dogs of the Highest Quality trained for Mantrailing and Tracking.


Mantrailing is based on the ability of the dog to distinguish between individual scents.


The sole focus needs to be on a human’s unique scent, ignoring distractions and successfully finding the specific human.

In the beginning of the trail, the dog is scented on a piece of clothing or other item that has the scent of the person it is meant to find. The dog will follow this individual scent on the trail, which is left there by hairs, dead skin cells and smaller particles that humans constantly shed.

This feat is achieved by harnessing the dog’s existing ability to follow scent as it might when hunting for prey. Dogs who are left trailing on their own may begin hunting one prey and switch to another easier prey. They will trail it as their priority is to find food.

Detecting fallen human skin cells that can be carried by wind, may cause the dog to follow the trail at some distance from the actual path the person has walked. Training focuses on teaching the dog to discriminate between the scent of the human and the multiple other distracting scents in the local environment the dog may encounter.


When starting the training with a puppy or young dog it is important not to require too much from them. Training has to be a fun game. Every training session has to be enjoyable for the dog and the owner. One has to always try finish off the training on a positive note.

Tracking & Trailing Videos