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Anti-Poaching and Livestock Theft Dogs

Tracking or Trailing Dogs trained

to combat Poaching and Livestock Theft

South Africa Tactical Canine, train Anti-Poaching and Livestock Theft Dogs which can be classified broadly as either Tracking or Trailing dogs.


In the wilderness, our Tracking & Trailing dogs can be deployed from the slaughtered animal or poacher(s) last known position. They are the perfect method to counteract illegal hunting and wildlife trade by poachers.


We at South Africa Tactical Canine are dedicated to wildlife conservation and supporting conservation initiatives and pride ourselves in delivering well trained dogs as well as training to these initiatives.

In parts of South Africa wildlife, game and livestock theft is endemic. Our trailing dogs have proved to be an essential tool to fight wildlife crime.


Our dogs get deployed to track down poachers, stolen livestock, detect wildlife products and security fences that have been breached.


News of areas where trained tracking dogs are deployed, is quickly shared between poachers and criminal syndicates. Therefore they avoid these areas and our wildlife is protected.

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We have embarked on establishing a long-term program with South Africa’s dedicated K9 Anti-Poaching Teams and is run in partnership with Kaufmann and other experts in the field. Our program is geared at working together, addressing real needs and achieving a common goal.


Our dedicated K9 Anti-Poaching Units supported by Kaufmann and trained by South Africa Tactical Canine, stand out as a pivotal force when it comes to combatting poaching.


We salute them and their efforts and assure them of our continued support. We are proud to be a part of this by either supplying the dogs or the training they need.