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Our Dedicated Team

"Dogs and training of dogs and handlers, is our passion. It’s a way of life for our family and our team."

Todd Lutman

Todd was born in Zambia and he spent his youth in Zimbabwe, where hunting, fishing, falconry and dogs was his way of life. 


Since 1985 Todd has lived in Southern Africa. He has been totally committed to Wildlife & Conservation, as both Professional Hunter and Professional Trails Guide, working throughout the “Big Five” Wildlife areas.


Having been in the Safari & Conservation Business for over 31 years, Todd Lutman, along with Anneline and their team of handlers, are dedicated to the success of South Africa Tactical Canine it’s facilities and the training it provides.


Todd takes great care and pride in ensuring that the training facilities and infrastructure are managed professionally and with attention to detail.


Supporting South Africa’s Safari industry, South Africa Tactical Canine has perfected a unique and highly successful training program for Bloodspoor Dogs to assist in locating wounded game. 


As South Africa also offers some of the World’s Best Bird Shooting opportunities, part of South Africa Tactical Canine’s training programs and trained dog sales, is to provide high-quality, professionally trained, Gun Dogs as well as providing professional training of Gun Dogs for their clients.


“Dogs and training of dogs and handlers, is our passion. It’s a way of life for our family and our team.”


“My K9 handlers & I personally handle all the training of our own dogs and that of our clients’ dogs, at our home and base.”


“We are located between Vaalwater & Lephalale in the Limpopo Province in South Africa.”

Anneline Pienaar

Anneline, mother of two son’s & grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren was born in Bloemfontein, in the Free State and her career path always led to sales or marketing.


In 2002, Anneline and her family, relocated to Pretoria where she started working with wildlife and after a few years started her own Game Trading business.


In 2017, she met Todd Lutman, an Englishman from Zimbabwe, who was her perfect match, as both shared a love for animals. Todd introduced Anneline to his world of Tactical Training for K9’s, their handlers & everything there is to know about dogs. 


Since then Anneline has made it her mission to raise and train the puppies & assist with handler training. She is also responsible for the marketing of their business on all levels, from merchandising, corporate clothing, website updates & social media to getting the necessary information to clients and potential clients.


Lately Anneline is the “Spokesperson” for South Africa Tactical Canine, regularly being the guest speaker at events, speaking about the importance of K9’s and their special purposes.


She is at Todd’s side every step of the way, fully committed to the success of their operation.


For them, there is no 09:00-17:00 as the need to assist with farm attacks, anti-poaching institutions and regular families needing protection, is very real.


Their operation is not for the faint of heart as the K9’s receive intense training and need a lot of special attention to be the best at their game.


Hard work, dedication and humbleness is important and this, perfectly portrays Anneline.


Sandra is our chef and she also assists in raising the puppies.


Norman has been with Todd for many years and trains Bloodspoor and Mantrailing Dogs.


Phineas is responsible for Bird Dog, Mantrailing & Bloodspoor training.


Mpho assists with the Personal Protection Dogs – Decoy (Helper). He also assists with obedience training.


Blessing assists in Mantrailing, Bloodspoor and Obedience Training and is also a Mantrailing Runner.


Pearson assists with the Personal Protection Dogs as a Decoy (Helper) and assists with obedience training. He is also a Mantrailing Runner.


Andrew assists with the Personal Protection Dogs and with obedience training. He is also a Mantrailing Runner.


Elliot trains Personal Protection Dogs & Bird Dogs as well as Obedience.


Thomas is our Kennel Master and Decoy(Helper) assisting as Mantrailing Runner and with Obedience training.